Quantum Analyzer Price in BD

Quantum Magnetic Analyzer Price in BD

Quantum Analyzer Price in BD

Quantum Analyzer Price in BD, We need medical scrutiny our body frequently. After six months we should always check the body. If we have a tendency to dont check the body in an exceedingly timely flavor along with we have a tendency to dont believe the assorted diseases which may be seen within the posterity stage.

  • Product Name : Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer 6G
  • Product Type : Medical Analyzer Machine
  • Imported : Imported from Abroad
  • Made in : Made in China
  • Company Price : 56,000
  • Discount Price : 35, 500
  • Contact No : 01719 118016
  • Office Place : Mirpur- 1 , Mukto Bangla Shopping Complex, 3rd Floor (2nd in Lift) Shop no:- 283.

The foreign countries place unit sooner than North American nation hence of theytaking into account hint to horribly tuned in to themselves.

They see out of their bodies each month to examine the body and the mannerism to stay them healthy.

Thanks to this our edification, we feature a sane unwell ness and bond it heat hours of daylight surrounded by daylight.

This product provides our body its issues and its immense. Therefore we have a tendency to profit eliminate our major diseases initial.

Quantum Analyzer Machine BD

Quantum Analyzer Price in BD
Analyzer 6G

There area unit varied forms of product in our country that we have a tendency to check our unwell ness that doesnt assign North American nation the proper results.

Thanks to not obtaining the proper results, we have a tendency to area unit distorted when varied diseases, following the wrong medication.

Quantum resonance magnetic instrument can manage to pay for North American nation the proper upshot of the unwell ness and its tribute.

This can be AN futuristic product of our country, which may be employed by folks from our every single one rotate fields.

We feature varied forms of diseases for that defense of we are practiced to not diagnose the proper gate.

Testing Regulation

  • Testing Procedures
  • Work systems the investigation Room
  • Important Notice for the tested Person
  • Testing technician Duties
  • Maintenance Method of the tester

Quantum Magnetic Analyzer 6G Price in BD

Its works cardio vascular, epithelial duct do its stuff, liver fighting, bladder do something, duct gland take effect, urinary organ do something, respiratory organ be in, brain nerve, bone unwell ness, sister mineral density, rheumatic bone unwell ness, blood glucose, basic definite air, human poison, element Ca +, Fe, Se, Zn, etc prostate, male sex put it on, gynecology (female), skin, system, system, breast, amino o Aside, bone gathering indicators, all-powerful metal, allergies.

Software Features :

  • Main Interface
  • Personal paperwork interface
  • Obtaining the symbol
  • Header and Footer
  • System Setup and Help File

Price and Discount Please Call US

Its additionally works Human parts, Co-enzyme, Vitamin, I31, flashiness Analysis, Channel and Parallel Analysis, Heart and Brain Analysis Pulse, Blood lipid Analysis, spermatozoon and humor Analysis, Monthly Cycle Analysis, Collagen, Main description.

We have a tendency to place unit perpetually deed utterly rotate diseases for the wrong treatment. Within the foreign country, the merchandise uses all the doctors every one cases. Our answerability keeps our body healthy and robust.

We have a tendency to area unit going tackle for several advanced technologies in our country, one accompanied by the product.

Benefits of Quantum Analyzer Machine BD

Only the quantum detectors are portion in relation to within the palm of your hand It ll be collected in.

An exceedingly mere scientific retrieve from the system of passing in most forty Two reports.

This product is presently accessible in methodology to induce precise health- connected concepts in an exceedingly curt era.

It merger ideas of internal organs may be replaced by laptop software system.

It works to treat the interior organs taking into consideration precise body-frequency analysis of body-frequency sensors and memorable software system.

This is presently accessible in methodology to induce precise health-joined concepts in an exceedingly unexpected era.

This product works vas and epithelial duct skirmish. It reduces Liver take effect and bladder unctions. Well use it for duct gland exploit, urinary organ take doings, Lung, Brain nerve and Bone unwell ness.

Analyzer Machine BD

Analyzer Machine BD
Analyzer Machine BD
  • We additionally use it for bone mineral density and rheumatic bone unwell ness.
  • We have a tendency to use it for medical psychiatry in blood glucose,
  • Basic mammal vibes and Human poison.
  • Instrument may be a marvelous product that we have a tendency to use it frequently.
  • It is element Ca+, Fe, Se, Zn, etc. Prostate and Male sexual feint.
  • It works Gynecology(Female) , Skin , system , system , Breast , Amino
  • Acid , Bone Growth Index , colossal Metal , Allergy.
  • It is a share of human molecule, vitamin, eye, flashiness Analysis, Channels and collateral Analysis,
  • Pulse of heart and brain Analysis, Blood lipids Analysis.
  • Additionally works spermatozoon humor Analysis, oscillation Analysis, Collagen,
  • Comprehensive parable. Its one year pledge.

According to the doctors recommendation, these products are used. Quantum Analyzer Price in BD, Folks of various ages will use it as a doctors opinion. This leads to all types of diseases of the body that place unit necessary for North American nation.

Tiens Product List in BD

Tiens Product List In BD

BCM Machine Price BD Tiens Blood Circulation BCM Machine 680 50,745 35500
Tiens-Fruits-and-Vegetable-Cleaner-Price-in-BD-1.jpg Update Dicho fruit and vegetable Cleaner 211 19,708 13795
Multi-functional-Head-care-Apparatus-Tiens-BD Tiens Multifunctional Headcare Apparatus 152 13,088 9,162
TIENS-HEALTH-PILLOW BD Tiens Health Pillow 200 22,500 15750
Tiens Hypotension Apparatus 95 8,180 5726
Tiens-VLF-Health-Photon-BD Tiens VLF Photon Health Mattes (double) 1300 111,940 78358
TIENS-Health-Mattress-Double Tiens Health Mattes 178*198 CMW 800 91,225 63,860
Tiens Cordycafe 14 1,205 964
TIENS-Gymnema-Tablets Tiens Gymnema Tablets 17 1,464 1,171
Children Calcium Powder Price in BD Tiens Children Nutrient Calcium Powder 17 1,464 1,171
TIENS-NUTRIENT-HIGH-CALCIUM-POWDER Tiens Nutrient Calcium Powder/HI-Call-1 18 1,550 1,240
TIANHI-super-calcium-powder-with-metabolic-factors Tiens Super Cal Powder with Metabolic Factors 20 1,722 1378
Tiens Anti-lip Tea BD Tiens Lipid Management Tea/Antilip Tea 21 1,808 1,446
TIENS-ZINC-PLUS Tiens Zinc Plus Powder/Xinc Plas 22 1,894 1,515
TIENS-SLIMMING-TEA Tiens Slimming Tea 22 1,894 1,515
TIENS-DATE-ORAL-LIQUID Tiens Date Oral Liquid 28 2,411 1,929
TIENS-HIGH-CALCIUM-POWDER-WITH-LECITHIN Tiens Super Calcium Powder with Lecithin 28 2,411 1,929
TIENS-SPIRULINA-CAPSULES Tiens Spirulina Capsules 28 2,411 1,929
Cell Rejuvenation Capsules Price Tiens Cell Rejuvenation Capsules 38 3,272 2,618
Tiens Cordyceps Capsules Price in BD Tiens Cordyceps Capsules 38 3,272 2,618
Tiens Chitosan Capsules Price in BD Tiens Chitosan Capsules 39 3,358 3020
TIENS-VIGOROS-GRAPE-EXTRACT-CAPSULES Tiens vigoros Grape Extract Capsules 42 3,617 2,894
TIENS-ORECARE-TOOTHPASTE Tiens Orecare Herbal Toothpaste 4.5 387 320
tiens-orecare-children-u-smile-toothpaste-1 Tiens Orecare Children U Smile Toothpaste 2.5 215 180
Tiens-orecare-u-smile-toothpaste Tiens Orecare U Smile Toothpaste 5.3 457 400
Revitize-Ginger-Strengthening-Shampoo- Revitize Ginger Strengthening Shampoo 16.5 1,420 1,136
TIENS-MINT-REFRESHING-SHOWER-WASH Tiens Mint Refreshing Shower Wash 14.5 1,249 999
TIENS-TOXIN-EXPELLING-TOILET-SOAP Tiens toxin expelling toilet soap 5.3 457 400
Tienshi-Whitening-Toilet-Soap Tiens Whitening Toilet Soap 7.3 629 520
sanitary-napkin-night-use- AiRiZ Sanitary Napkin – Night Use 06 517 430
Tiens-Sanitary-Napkin-for-Women AiRiZ Sanitary Napkin – Day Use 05 430 330
Tiens-Panty-Liner-Sanitary-Napkin Tiens AiRiZ Panty Liner Sanitary Napkin 5.5 475 400
TIENS-CHILDREN-IQ-MEAL Tiens Children IQ Meal 29 2,497 2000
Tiens-Chong-Cao-Meal Tiens Chong Cao Meal 24 2,066 1,653
Tiens-Fos-Powder-Price-in-BD Tiens Fos Solid Drink 19 1,633 1,350
bracelet Glaning Golden Women’s Edition 50 7,408 6290

Tiens Product Suggestion For Health

Tiens Product Suggestion BD

NB: Tiens-Product-Suggestion-BD, These product are dietary food supplements, not medicine. There are no side effect to take these. But if you need better result you should have to discuss with more experience person in Tiens, who will provide you good suggestion. It is your responsibility to contact with an expert to select proper products for your well-being.

বিশেষ দ্রষ্টব্যঃ

টিয়েন্স এর এই পণ্যগুলি শুধুমাত্র “ফুড সাপ্লিমেন্ট” হিসাবেই ব্যবহার করা যাবে, এগুলি কোন ঔষধ না। এগুলি সেবনে কোনরুপ পার্শ্বপ্রতিক্রিয়া নেই। তবে সর্বোত্তম উপকার পেতে এই পণ্যে অভিজ্ঞ কারও সাথে যোগাযোগ করে সেবা নিন, সুস্থ্য ও সুন্দর থাকুন।

Alcohol Addiction

Cal (1X1), Chitosan (3X2) to neutralize blood, Cordyceps (3X2) and Benefi (3X2) to increase immunity, and use acupoint to neutralize toxic


  • If Allergy due to digestion problems: Tea (1X1) + Spirulina (1X3)
  • If Allergy due to certain catalysts such as:
  • Sea Food or dust etc maybe due to immunity system:
  • Cal 1(1X1) + (3X2), Tea (1X1), Zinc plus (2X1)
  • If Allergy due to dirty blood causes pas etc: Cal (1X1) + (2X2) + Chitosan
  • If Allergy on skin: Cal (1X1) + toothpaste on skin

Anemia Tiens Product Suggestion BD

  • Cal (1X1) + Spirulina (3X2) + Benefi (3X2) + Date Ora Liquid
  • Asthma
  • Cal (1X1) + (2X2) + Benefi (3X2)


  • Cal3 (1X1), Zinc plus(1×1), Benefi (3X1) Body Weight
  • After eating fattening food eat Chitosan (2 Capsules)+Use Bcm
  • Blood Pressure (Low)
  • Cal (1X1) + Cordyceps (2X3)

Blood Pressure (High)

  • Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (2X2) + Tea (1X1) + Vigorous (2X2)
  • Use Acupoint + ABPR Comb 
  • Bloated/Bloated Stomach,
  • Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (2X2) + Double Cellulose (3X3) + Acupoint


  • Problems holding on to urine. Cal (1X1) + Cordyceps  (2X2)


  • Cancer (General):
  • Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (2X2) + Vigorous (2X2) +
  • Cordyceps (2X2/2X3/2X4/2X5 depending on cancer stage)
  • and can be aided by using Antilip Tea & Benefi (3X2)

Breast Cancer

  • same as the above
  • Intestinal Cancer: same as the above

Children Tiens Product Suggestion BD

  • For child’s immunity: Cal3 (1X1) + Cordyceps (2X1)
  • For child’s intelligence: Cal3 (1X1) + Zinc Plus (2X1)
  • For growth and appetite: Cal3 (1X1) + Zinc Plus (2X1)

Cigarette Addiction

  • Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (3X2) to neutralize,
  • Cordyceps (3X2) and Benefi (3X2) to clean lungs,
  • and use acupoint to neutralize toxic


  • Cal (1X1) + Cordyceps (2X2) or Cal (1X1) + Benefi (2X3) 
  • Cough due to cigarette
  • Cal (1X1) + Cordyceps (2X3) + Chitosan (2X2) for detoxification


  • Cal (1X1) + Tea (1X1) or Cal (1X1) + Vigorous (2X2)
  • Cal (1X1) + Cal (1X1) + Benefi (2X3)

Dengue Fever

  • Cal (1X1) + DCC (3X2) + Cordyceps (2X2) +
  • Chitosan (2X2) or Cal (1X1) + Spirulina (3X2) 


  • To normalize blood sugar level: Cal 2 + Gymnema(2X3) + Chitosan (2X3)
  • If there is an open wound, spread chitosan’s powder or
  • Cordyceps’ powder on wound. Do not bandage or close wound or let wet


  • Caused by digestion problem: Cal (1X1) + Acupoint
  • Caused by food poisoning: Cal (1X1) + Zinc (2X1) + Acupoint

Drugs Addiction

  • Cal (1X1), Chitosan (3X2) to neutralize/detox,
  • Cordyceps (3X2) and Benefi (3X2) to clean blood,
  • and use acupoint to neutralize toxicEmotional (Angry),
  • Cal (1X1) + Benefi (2X2) + Zinc plus(1X1)


  • Eye Due to old age: Cal (1X1) + Tea (1X1) + Acupoint
  • Eye Short/Long Sighted: Cal3 (1X1) + Acupoint + Antilip Tea
  • Eye Clear Vision: Cal (1X1) + Tea (1X1) + Acupoint
  • Gonorrhea, Cal (1X1) + Cordyceps (3X2) and Doctor’s medication
  • Gastric, Cal (1X1) + Spirulina (3X1)+ Chitosan (3X2)

Headache Tiens Product Suggestion BD

  • Headache due to hypertension, Cal (1X1) + Vigorous (2X2) + Antilip Tea + Acupoint
  • Headache due to migraine or lack of sleep, Cal (1X1) + Benefi (3X2) + Vigorous + Tea + Acupoint
  • Headache due to hypotension, Cal (1X1) + Acupoint
  • Fertility, Cal (1X1) + Zinc plus(2X2) + Cordyceps (2X2) 
  • Dandruff, Cal (1X1) + Zinc plus(2X2) + ABPR
  • Chemical, (detox chemical in the body): Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (3X2)

Heart’s health

  • Cal (1X1) + Cordyceps (2X2) + Vigorous (1X3) + Acupoint*
  • To avoid By-pass Surgery: Cal (1X1) + Vigorous (2X3) + Cordyceps (2X2) + Benefi (1X1) + Acupoint*
  • To help leaking at heart: Cal (1X1) + Benefi (2X3) + Acupoint + Seabuckthorn (1X3)
  • Heart Blockage: Cal (1X1) + Vigorous (2X3) + Acupoint*
  • Swelling of Heart: Cal (1X1) + Benefi (2X3)


  • Cal (1X1) + DCC (2X2)
  • Health and Immunity 
  • Cal (1X1) + Cordyceps (3X2) + Vitamin Effervescent Tablet + Acupoint
  • Cal (1X1) + Lingzhe Spore (3X2) Acupoint
  • Cal (1X1) + Panax Ginseng (3X2) + Acupoint
  • Cal (1X1) + Lycopene Tablet (3X2) + Acupoint
  • Cal (1X1) + Tibet Garlic (3X2) + Acupoint
  • Cal (1X1) + Seabuckthorn (3X2) + Acupoint


  • Hair Loss, Cal (1X1) + Zinc plus(2X1) + ABPR
  • White Hair, Cal (1X1) + Zinc plus + Antilip Tea (1X1) + ABPR
  • Dry Hair, Cal (1X1) + Zinc plus (2X1) + ABPR


  • Cal (1X1) + Vitality (1X1) / Cal Lechitin
  • Infertile, Cal (1X1) + Cordyceps (2X2) + Zinc plus(1X1) 


  • Cal (1X1) + Antilip Tea (1X1) + Date Ora Liquid (1X1) + Benefi ( 3X2) + ABPR
  • Ions in the body, Cal (1X1) + Cordyceps (2X2) 
    Joints Pain, Cal (1X1) + Cordyceps (2X2)
  • Knee pain, Cal (1X1) + Acupoint Kidney 
  • For healthy kidney: Cordyceps (3X2) + Acupoint
  • kidney stones: Cordyceps (3X4) + Vitality (3X1) + Acupoint
  • kidney failure: Cordyceps (3X2) + Spirulina (3X2) + Acupoint
  • Use of Calcium for kidney patient has to be specifically monitored 


  • Cal (1X1) + Tea (1X1) + Vitality (1X1) + Vigorous (2X2) + Lycopene (3X1) + Seabuckthorn
  • Lungs, Cal (1X1) + DCC (3X2) + Benefi (2X3) 
  • Liver, Cal (1X1) + Cordyceps (2X2) can be helped with Chitosan (2X2)
  • Malaria, Cal (1X1) + Cordyceps (2X2) + Chitosan (3X2)


  • Menstruation Cramp: Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (2X2) + Acupoint
  • Menstruation Cycle (Irregular): Cal (1X1) + Zinc Plus(2X2) + Acupoint
  • Migrain, Cal (1X1) + Benefi (2X2) + Vigorous (3X1) + Tea
  • Nose Bleeding, Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (2X2) can be aided with Zinc Plus(2X2) + Acupoint
  • Obesity, Cal (1X1) + Tea (1X1) + Chitosan (2X2) use BCM
  • Osteoporosis, Cal (1X1) + Vigorous (1X3)
  • Pharangritis, Cal (1X1) + Cordyceps (2X2) + Chitosan (3X2)
  • Parkinson, Cal (1X1) and Vigorous (2X2) can be aided with Antilip Tea (1X1)

Pregnancy Tiens Product Suggestion BD

  • Health while pregnant: Cal (1X1) + Zinc (1X1) + Spirulina (3X2)
  • Normalize milk after pregnancy: Spirulina (3X2)
  • Dry wound after pregnancy pour Chitosan’s powder
  • Paralyzed, Due to nerve problems, Cal (1X1) + Benefi (3X2) and assist with Vigorous (3X2) + Acupoint + ABPR & Tiens Dream Mattress
  • Paralyzed, Due to Stroke, Cal (1X1) + Benefi (3X2) + Vigor (3X2) + Acupoint + Tiens Dreams
  • Pregnant women are NOT allowed to be treated by acupoint and are not allowed to consume Chitosan,
  • Antilip Tea, and dietary nutrition such as Xlim Pack and so on.
  • Prostate, Cal (1X1) +Cordyceps (2X2) + Chitosan (2×2)
  • Rheumatism, Cal (1X1) + Tea + Vitality can be aided with Beneficial & Cordyceps

Stomach Acid

  • Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (2X2) + Spirulina (3X1) + APT
  • Sneezing
  • Cal (1X1) + Cordyceps (2X2)


  • hard time to concentrate Cal (1X1) + Benefi (3X2) + Acupoint
  • Stress, Cal (1X1) + Tea + Benefi (3X2) + Acupoint + Zinc plus (1X1)


  • The Stroke due to blockage: Cal (1X1) + Vigorous (2X2) + Acupoint/ABPR
  • Stroke due to burst vein: Cal (1X1) + Vitality (1X1) + Chitosan + Acupoint/ABPR
  • Swelling due to insect bites, 
  • Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (2X2) to neutralize, apply toothpaste

Teeth & Gum

  • Toothache, Use acupoint + Cal (1X1) + Tiens Toothpaste
  • Swollen Gum, Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (2X2) + Tiens Toothpaste
  • Teeth Strength, Cal (1X1) + Tea (1X1) + Tiens Toothpaste
  • Tooth Shaking, Cal (1X1) + Acupoint + Tiens Toothpaste
  • Bleeding Gum, Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (2X2)
  • To lose weight: Antilip Tea (1X1) + Chitosan (2X3)+Use BCM
  • To gain weight: Cal 3 (1X1) + Zinc (3X3)
  • Typhoid, Cal (1X1) + Cordyceps (2X2) + Spirulina
  • Tumor, Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (2X2) + Vigorous (2X2) + Cordyceps (2X2/3X2/4X2/5X2 Depending on tumor stage), Can be aided with Antilip Tea + Benefi
  • Tired, Cal (1X1) + Cordyceps (2X1) or Cal (1X1) + Benefi (3X2)

Wound, Tiens Product Suggestion BD

  • To speed up healing of wound, Cal (1X1) + Chitosan (2X2)
  • Open Wound, Cal (1X1) +Chitosan (2X2)
  • Internal Wound, Cal (1X1) +Cordyceps (2X2) + Chitosan (2X2)
  • Burnt Wound, Vitality applied on wound or Chitosan poured to help healing of wound
  • Waist Pain, Cal (1X1) and Cordyceps (2X2) + Antilip Tea

White Spots on Skin

Cal (1X1) + Benefi (2X3) help normalize skin cells

NB: These product are dietary food supplements, not medicine. There are no side effect to take these. But if you need better result you should have to discuss with more experience person in Tiens, who will provide you good suggestion. It is your responsibility to contact with an expert to select proper products for your well-being.

Tiens Products Shop BD
Shop No: 283
Mukto Bangla Shopping Complex
(2nd Floor, East Side)
Mirpur-1 Bus Stand
Mirpur, Dhaka
Phone: 01711-927919
Email : asmzubayer@gmail.com

Forever Living Products Price list

Forever Living Products Price list

Forever Living Products Price list BD

Forever Living Products Price list
Forever BD


Forever Living Products Price Personal Office:  Mukto Bangla Shopping Complex, 3rd Floor (2 in lift)

Room No: 283, Mirpur – 1 Dhaka – 1216.

Mobile: 01711-927919  &  01719-118016

ফরএভার লিভিং পণ্য মূল্য তালিকা ২০১৯

Product NamePrice Product NamePrice
Aloe Vera Gel 1,674 Aloe Lips 234
Aloe Berry Nectar 1,674 Forever Bright Toothgel 508
Aloe Bits N’ Peaches 1,674 Forever Aloe Scrub 1,038
Forever Freedom 2,388 Aloe Ever-Shield Deodorant 475
Aloe Harbal Tea 1,162 Gentlemen’s Pride Aftershave 984
Gin Chia 1,208 Forever Aloe MPD(2x Ultra) 1,764
Absorbent C 1,162 Forever Sun Lips 384
A Beta Care 1,964 Aloe Jojoba Shampoo 1,180
Garlic Thyme 1,208 Aloe Jojoba Conditioning Rinse 1,508
Fields of Greens 796 Aloe Hand Soap 1,462
Forever Garcinia Plus 2,190 Aloe First Spray 1,314
Forever Lycium Plus 2,364 Aloe Propolis Creme 1,314
Gingko Plus 2,078 Aloe Vera Gelly 988
Forever Calcium 1,602 Aloe Lotion 988
Forever Multi Macca 1,746 Aloe Moisturizing Lotion 98 8
Forever Active Probiotic 2,283 Aloe Heat Lotion 988
Forever Vision 1,750 Forever Aloe Sunscreen 988
Forever Active Ha 2,253 Aloe MSM Gel 1,526
Forever Kids 1,125 Forever Alluring Eyes 1,602
Forever Immublend 1,787 Forever Marine Mask 1,489
Vitolize Men’s 2,222 Forever Epiblanc 1,321
Vitolize Women’s 2,352 Aloe Fleur De Jouvence 8,535
Forever Artic Sea 2,352 Rehydrating Toner 1,106
Forever Fiber 30 Count 2,210 Aloe Cleanser 1,106
Argi+ Pouch 6,256 Firming Day Lotion 1,725
Forever Bee Pollen 1,009 Mask Powder 1,575
Forever Bee Propolis 2,112 Recovering Night Creme 2,419
Forever Royal Jelly 2,183 Aloe Activator 1,106
Forever Bee Honey 1,113 Sonya Aloe Purifying Cleanser 2,132
Forever Lean 2,779 Sonya Aloe Exfoliator 1,602
Forever Therm 2,191 Sonya Aloe Refreshing Toner 2,132
Forever Pro-X Chocolate 3,844 Sonya Aloe Balancing Creme 2,033
Lite Ultra Aminotein – Vanilla 2,286 Sonya Aloe Nourishing Serum 2,650
Lite Ultra Aminotein  chocolate 2,286 Sonya Skin Care Kit 9,979