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JR 309A Electrical Therapy Machine

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Electronic Acupuncture Pen price in BD




Electric acupuncture therapy without pierce the skin to do acupuncture.

Acupuncture Pen-01


  • Treatment principle of the electronic acupuncture laser pen is used electrical pulses to stimulate the acupuncture points, and then activate the cell and dredge the channel, while there is a condition to generate the electrical pulse, that is, the positive and negative poles should be turned on of the stream. The pen is a monopole current output (the tip), so the other pole current must be conducted by the hands and circumfluent with the nid of the electronic acupuncture laser pen, to produce electrical pulses. So it is normal to feel a little numbness from the hand holding, it is how the meridian pen works, it is not a quality problem!
  • In the current return process, depending on the size of the resistance value of the hands, the force you feel will be a little different. Some people will feel stronger and some will feel weak. Young people or healthy people will feel a little stronger. The elderly or people in poor health will feel weak.
  • Phenomenon such as “electrical leakage, electrical numbness, electrical stimulation” of acupuncture electronic laser pen, as described above, is not quality problem, but its treatment principle.


Everyone has different feelings of stimulation. Please start from level 1 and increase to comfort level.

Acupuncture Pen-05


Voltage: DC1.5V (No. 5 battery)

Output: 3.7v; 300mA+/50mA

Pulse frequency: 0.01-300hz

Pulse width: 100uS-320uS

Output amplitude: 500 ohm; load voltage: 3.3V

Packing include:

1* Acupuncture Pen (battery not included)

3* Metal head

2* Cases of gel

1* User Manual

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