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Tiens Zinc plus involved in over 80 types of body enzymes synthesis.

We need zinc for our body development, genetic immunity, endocrine

system, maintain our nerve mucous health.

Zinc is needed for activities of over 200 types of enzymes.


Tiens zinc plus powder Xinc Plas

Tiens Xinc Plas Powder is very important trace mineral. That is necessary for all cells. It works prostate cells. However, accumulate more zinc than cells anywhere else in the body.

In order to prostate, zinc is found in high concentrations in bone, eyes, kidney, liver, muscles, and pancreas. Zinc is an active participant functions and reactions in the body.

It works immune system. synthesis of DNA and protein. cell metabolism, wound healing. ell division, proper sense of smell. and taste, and proper growth. It helps stimulate about 100 different enzymes.

A low level of zinc is associated with greater susceptibility to illness, disease, loss of appetite. It is characterized by diarrhea impotence, eye and skin lesions, hair loss, weight loss, taste abnormalities, mental fogginess, delayed wound healing.

Zinc levels are not suitable to determine with present laboratory testing techniques and more research. Needed wise to be aware of your daily zinc intake and deficiency.

Zinc is symbol of health and beauty for a good reason. This micro-element is important role in many processes that arrive in the body.

It works healthy skin and hair and nails. It also works the function of the brain and sex hormones. When the element is in short supply our body goes on strike.

It works to preserve healthy levels.  It is a traditional Chinese Medicine and Zinc improve libido. They also profit a better function of the prostate gland. This is an important role in semen production and maintaining sperm viability.

BENEFITS Tiens Xinc Plas Powder

  1. It improvesthe condition of hair and nails, and promotes their growth.
  2. This product is beneficial on the appearance of skin.
  3. It works in the body’s natural defense mechanisms.
  4. This product is a favorable effect on eyesight.
  5. It works the support the function of the spleen.
  6. This product is important for us.
  7. It’s positive action on the sense of taste and improves appetite.
  8. Zinc contributed to memory and perception improvement.
  9. This is traditional Chinese Medicine, Zinc improve libido.
  10. It also contributes to a better function of the prostate gland.
  11. This product increased production of testosterone.
  12. It is an importantrole in semen production and maintaining sperm viability.


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