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⇒ Maknom MK-082 This is a multidisciplinary physiotherapy and acupuncture

For home use.

⇒ Relief of any type of pain.

⇒ Control hypertension and lower pressure.

⇒ eliminates muscle and bone pain and regulates breathing system.

⇒ Paralysis of paralysis is more effective.
⇒ Control diabetics.

⇒ Control and prevent asthma attacks.
⇒ Control of swelling of hands and feet in water accumulation.

⇒ High Blood Pressure High Blood pressure is more effective.
⇒ a great product for the removal of facial spots and spots.

⇒ You can use acupuncture with 2 zora pads and use slippers

Acupuncture can be used by using this pad and slipper

You can use any points of the anatomy in the workplace.

⇒ 2 small batteries are needed to run the device.

⇒ Usage Period: 20/30 minutes, 2/4 times per day.

⇒ One year service warranty.

⇒ Made in china

⇒ For those who do not use it

During pregnancy, Manusclerosis and Heart Pace Maker
Users are not allowed to use epilepsy patients.

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