Tiens Health Pillow – Infrared-Electromagnetic

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Tiens Health Pillow Sleep is beneficial for health. Every person needs to stay at least asleep. TIENS has brought an incredibly
Healthy Pillow solution to modernize. The amount of sleep we get away from our body fatigue with
fresh mind humanity. Health is Wealth. As it is only our good health which stay with us in any bad or
good circumstances.


  • TIENS HEALTH PILLOW is too much important for the health of both body and mind.
    It is long time to use.
  • One of the main factions of sleep is “Tarring off” the activity of the central nervous system.
  • During this commences it’s restoration i.e. the brain repairs any damage as well as memories new
  • It is made of light and soft pearl wool that keeps it in proper shape.
  • It is magnetic field infrared light and negative ions the pillow supports the body and improves their
  • Health pillow help balance the biological magnetic field of the human body.
  • It has antibacterial fabric mode that are very essential for our human body.
  • It is based on the traditional clines medicine, is shaped especially to provide idea support for the
    cervical spine so it so much comfortable of our human body.
  • It made of light and soft pearl that keeps it in proper shape.
  • It made wool’s elastic properties, the pillow offers strong support to the neck.
  • TIENS energy stars at the neck position.
  • This pillow made in a way that does not sleep will, they can sleep about 10 to 15 mutates.
  • No nodded electricity. One year warranty.
  • Made in TIENS China.


Each of the elimination stages occurs between 9 pm and 7 am in two hour cycles, TIENS HEALTH
PILLOW is therefore important that sleep is not disturbed during this period.
N.B: TIENS HEALTH PILLOW is no side effects.


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