Tiens High Calcium Powder with Lecithin

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Lecithin is one of the key building blocks of cell membranes.

It protects cells against oxidation and surrounds and protects the brain.

The combination of Lecithin and Calcium provide two essential ingredients to help combat age related problems. May help to reduce tension and stress ensuring a better sleep pattern.

The cell membranes in the body are composed largely of lecithin.

The protective sheaths around your brain are also made of lecithin.

Muscles and nerve cells also use lecithin.

Lecithin is high in phosphorous and unites with iron, iodine and calcium to give power and vigor to the brain.

A lack of lecithin can cause forget-fullness, digestive problems, nausea, hypertension, joint and muscle problems.


– Lecithin is required by every single cell in your body.

– Lecithin prevent arteriosclerosis, protect against cardiovascular disease, improve brain function,

increase energy levels, repair damage from alcoholism, help in digestion of fats, aging,

immune system disorders, herpes, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

– Effectively enhance the functions and vitality of brain, nourish brain cells, improve memory and postpone aging.

– It helps with the absorption of fat soluble vitamins. Lecithin also enables fats like cholesterol to be dispersed in water and then removed from your body.

– One sachet (4g) provides more than 130 mg of enzymolysis bone calcium powder.


– Adult and children over 12 years old: 2 times daily, 1 sachet each time,

take with warm water (60-70 °C) or other foodstuf

– Children under 10 years are administered under medical supervision.

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