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Tiens Spirulina Capsules
A dietary supplement containing:

High Level Protien—60-70% ,Vitamins +Beta Carotene.

No Vitamin D & B-12.

Minerals—Potassium, Sodium, Calcium & other Alkaline elements.

Chlorophyl -10 times more.

Contain Elements-Iron, Sulpher, Magnesium.




Tianshi Spirulina Capsules BD, Now we are very conscious and we are ahead of all. We currently eat and move and move on time. Now we are very conscious about eating and drinking. Timely eating and drinking are very important.
We do not eat regularly due to different types of problems .

It is very important to keep vegetables in our daily food list. We suspect that we keep our vegetables in our routine. In that case we suffer many problems. Green vegetables are very important for our body which reduces our immune system.

TIENS SPIRULINA CAPSULES are very important in our daily routine. We need a lot more green vegetables. Tiens company take one of the largest sources of protein , spirulina in the form of capsules as Tiens spirulina capsules.

It is the most balanced and most digestible plant protein source known to the present world. It is a natural source of anti oxidants and natural source of protein , iron , vitamins such as B Complex , C and D and minerals.


BENEFITS Tianshi Spirulina Capsules BD


  1. It’s work control obesity , strengthens heart and cartilage of knee.
  2. It reduce in protecting eyesight.
  3. This is a natural product source of anti oxidants
  4. anti ageing product thus spirulina helps to stay young.
  5. It is works body to repair damaged tissues and muscles ,
  6. enhances body immunity and thus strengthens body’s defense mechanism.
  7. It reduce cholesterol .
  8. This is very important for children who avoid eating fruits and vegetables.
  9. This is important for the people who are at risk for being iron deficient.
  10. It works for the people with weak immune system.
  11. It needs the people teenagers who are in their growth period.
  12. It’s helps to improve the functioning of spleen and thymus glands.
  13. It’s killing germs.
  14. This is so much important for glowing skin.
  15. It is so much suitable for malnourished children.
  16. It is so much important after surgery or any health disorder.
  17. This is suitable for hard training athletes.
  18. It is important after surgery or any health disorder.
  19. It is so much important for the heart.

Use :

You will have to eat this medicine four times a day.


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